Great War Dundee is a partnership formed to commemorate the First World War and its impact on Dundee. Partners include local cultural, educational and commercial organisations.

Great War Dundee want to bring together the Dundee community by organising a wide programme of events to mark the centenary. They intend to raise awareness of Dundee’s involvement in WWI. They hope the public will get involved by sharing their family’s memories and material that may otherwise be forgotten.

Great War Dundee successfully applied for funds from Heritage Lottery fund. This generous award will enable them to carry out their aims until July 2016. A second funding bid is being prepared. If they are successful, this will allow Great War Dundee to plan commemorative events and projects until the end of the centenary in June 2019.

Great War Dundee Aims:

  • To increase people’s knowledge of Dundee’s part in the Great War
  • To stimulate and record individual stories relating to the Great War
  • To preserve these and other relevant material and add them to the city’s heritage collections
  • To increase the knowledge of young people in Dundee about their city’s past
  • To encourage personal research into family and local history
  • To harness people’s passion for their wartime history and encourage voluntary participation
  • To encourage creative responses to our wartime heritage in a variety of media