In the summer of 1914 war broke out in Europe and what followed was a world war on an unprecedented scale. Dundee gave 34,490, nearly two-thirds of its eligible men to the armed forces, and many women joined them in support and medical roles. Barely a street, house or tenement in the city was untouched by the tragedy of war.

Read more about WW1 Life at the Front and At home in Dundee.

The Great War Dundee project recounts the First World War and its impact on Dundee, and invites you to contribute by sharing your family stories.

Read more about WW1 Life at the Front and At home in Dundee

In 1917 British intelligence officers intercepted and decrypted a German telegram the content of which drew America into the First World War. Read the story of Zimmerman Telegram and learn about the history of cryptography.

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Dundee Roll of Honour

By the armistice over 4,000 Dundee related men and several women had lost their lives to the war while many more came home with terrible physical and mental scars. And on the home front Dundee endured its own struggle throughout the war. Help us honour them all by contributing to the Dundee Roll of Honour.

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